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Import Local Charges


All local charges are for the account of the receiver of the container unless otherwise contractually specified.

1.1 ISPS

Actually EUR 11  per container. In Antwerp ISPS charges are applicable to all containers and must be paid before the release of the container.

1.2 Terminal Handling Charge

Terminal Handling Charge is applicable to any import container being discharged. The rate is Euro 170 x dry container and Euro 280 x reefer container.

1.3 Storage Charges

Applicable at POD Antwerp/POD Zeebrugge & valid for ALL IMPORT CONTAINERS coming from ALL ORIGINS.                     

Quay Rent free time starts after day of discharge. Thereafter costs are involved until pick-up data.


Free time 7 days 7 days
8th to 15th day (8) 8 16
16th to 30th day (15) 16 32
Thereafter 24 48

1.4 Demurrage Charges
All containers who are being discharged in Antwerp are subjected to the application of the Standard Demurrage Regulations of the Port of Antwerp. 

Customer Size Type Free Days 1st Period 1st Rate 2nd Period 2nd Rate Thereafter Rate
Applies To: While in port and with customer
20DV 7 calendar days 7 days € 30,00 - - € 40,00
40DV 7 calendar days 7 days € 50,00 - - € 80,00
40HC 7 calendar days 7 days € 50,00 - - € 80,00
20SP 7 calendar days 7 days € 40,00 - - € 70,00
40SP 7 calendar days 7 days € 70,00 - - € 130,00
20RE 2 working days 3 days € 70,00 - - € 100,00
40RE 2 working days 3 days € 90,00 - - € 120,00
40HR 2 working days 3 days € 110,00 - - € 140,00

 1.5 Reefer Containers - Plugging

On top of Demurrage & Storage and applicable on all export t° controled containers

Plugging, Monitoring & Electricity Supply on quay

Free time : 2 calendar days after day of discharge
Thereafter : € 50.00 / reefer / day

1.6 Dropp Off Charges

All containers should be returned empty to the proper depot indicated on the delivery order. Any exception must be requested by writing to the proper Import Line Department of MSC Belgium. Drop Off Charges are applicable. Tariffs can be received upon request.

1.7 Documentation Fee :

All containers are subjected to:

- Import Handling Fee:                 EUR 35.00 per BL
- Container Inspection Fee :        EUR 6,00 per container  (as from 01/04/2014)



2.1 Weight Limitation

For oncarriage cargo via Antwerp to inland points, following weight restrictions apply

Max. Payload 20' 40'
Belgium 27 t 25 t
Luxembourg 27 t 25 t
Netherlands 27 t 25 t
France 23 t 21 t
Germany 23 t 21 t

If a container is trucked from Antwerp to the Netherlands, it will always have to cross the Belgian roads and it is therefore automatically limited to the Belgian weight rules


Max. Payload 20' 40'
Netherlands 30 t 27 t
France 27 t 25 t
Germany 27 t 25 t

12m wagon : max 27t (incl container tare weight)
18m wagon : max 58t (incl container tare weight)

In case the container exceeds the weight limitations, the shipper remains responsible at all times

2.2 Oncarriage Rates

For inland pricing only, please apply to Medlog N.V. For operational and documentation matters, please address yourself by writing to the proper Line Department of MSC Belgium N.V.
Oncarriage rates never include any additional cost (Cfr. Infra) unless otherwise specified. For oncarriage through Antwerp to inland points the oncarriage amount has to be stated separately in the manifest together with the mode of transport to be used.
Cigarettes / spirits and any other commodity subject to excise duty, can not move on through BL via Antwerp by truck

2.3 Transitdocument

Issuing T1 doc : € 55/doc                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Extra attention: no transitdocument can be issued for removal goods, cars and any commodity subject to excise duty by MSC Belgium. In that case a local broker must be appointed by the client.

2.4 Additional Charges related to Inland Haulage effected by the Carrier

Clients should be informed that the following extra charges might occur at destination for inland haulage effected by the carrier

Additional Cost or Charges Rate (in EURO) Comment
Request for other mode of transport to obtain quicker delivery As per expenses Must be requested by writing
Extra stop 55 + detour costs Applicable to any extra stop during the inland haulage
Hazardous cargo surcharge As per expenses Applicable to any inland haulage of hazardous cargo. Proper transportdocuments must be provided by the receiver
Out of gauge surcharge As per expenses Applicable to any inland haulage of out of gauge cargo
Multiple discharge address As per expenses Applicable to any inland haulage with more than one discharge address
Special equipment surcharge As per expenses Applicable to any inland haulage which requires special equipment
Operating reefer transport As per expenses Applicable to any inland haulage of an operating reefer container
Low/High water surcharge As per advise of Medlog Belgium Applicable as per advise of Medlog Belgium to any inland haulage effected by barge
Waiting hours truck - Belgium 50 Applicable after 2 hours of free time and is charged per hour (Exception: free time applicable to transport within the port area : 1 hour)
Waiting hours truck - other countries 50 Applicable after 2 hours of free time and is charged per hour
Waiting hours combined transport 50 Applicable after 2 hours of free time and is charged per hour
Weekend transport As per expenses Only applicable to inland haulage during weekend or official holidays per truck
Overnight stay trucker As per expenses Applicable to any inland haulage where overnight stay occurs

1) All charges will be in EUR.
2) As per expenses: the exact amount depends from requirements and location. Therefore, the exact amount should always be requested by writing to the Import Line Department.
3) If any of above charges is included in the oncarriage rate, it should be clearly indicated


MSC Belgium N.V provides several additional services. Some of them are mandatory due to Official Port Regulations, others are only effected on request. Although mandatory services are being effected without pre-advise the charges are for the receiver's account.

3.1 Customs Services and Charges

3.1.1 Import – custom documents

  • Goods of EU origin: original T2L documentation to be handed over to Customs office prior to date of pick-up of containers;
  • European transhipment cargo with C- status: copy of the T2L document has to be in our possession at the time of arrival of the vessel. Failure to comply may cause fines that will be at all times for account of the booking party
  • Goods of non-EU origin: transit documentation or custom entry forms to be presented to custom office at arriving berth, for verification and validation, prior to date of pick-up of containers. Additional info to be obtained on case by case basis

3.1.2 Custom transit documents for import shipments arriving at the port of Antwerp Please see:

3.1.3 Custom services and charges

Customs Services and Charges Rate (in EURO) Comment
Issuing T1 (transit document) 55 Charges per document
Prolongation/Replacement T1 (transit document) 55 Charges per document
IMAJ issuing after 45 days of arrival 100 + moves old stack 90 Charges per document
Moves for customs inspection 130 -
On hold fee for clearance of t/s containers 25 +  20 USD/TEU (storage t/s) Charges per container
Full custom clearance 87 Charges per clearance. import duties, taxes and other local charges excluded. In case of a non-Belgian VAT number: VAT has not to be paid at Antwerp, but will be diverted to other EU-country. Excluded: removals and excise goods
Physical verification upon selection of authorities 195 Cost for trucking to Thijsmanstunnel
  130 Representation cost
Intervention fee follow-up of custom fines 45 Per custom fine and applicable to any custom fine
Custom fine As per official fine of the Custom Authorities Minimum fine : 125,00 EUR + intervention fee follow-up of custom fines

3.2 Security Services and Charges

Customs Authorities are entitled to select at random a number of containers for scanning without the obligation of an official notice. Extra expenses are for account of the cargo.

Pick-up before scanning: fine of minimum EUR 1.250,00 per container

Security Services and Charges Rate (in EURO) Comment
Scanning at Tijsmanstunnel 195 Only possible for right bank discharge
Scanning at leftbank 300 Charges per scan per container
In case of physical verification 130 Representation at Thijsmanstunnel

3.3 Special Services and Charges

Security Services and Charges Rate (in EURO) Comment
Manifest Corrector As per tariff of the POL or MSC Geneve  
Application for extended stay hazardous cargo 45 An extra approval of the Port Authorities is needed in case the stay on the terminal is exceeding 10 days
Delivery order split B/L 20 Per delivery order
COD As per tariff MSC Geneva  
Switch BL 100 Per set of BL's
Restow expenses As per tariff MSC Geneva  
Printing BL at destination 35 Not common use
Fumigation 525 Per container
Sealing of container 75 Per container
Terminal move 45 Per extra move. Not applicable to standard moves


4.1 Veterinary / Fytosanitary Products

Please see MSC Local Requirements Belgium or contact Mrs. K. van der Kruisen (kvanderkruisen@mscbelgium.com)  for the procedure and tariffs.

4.2 Hazardous Cargo

As per guidelines of IMDG code, provisions in force & MSC Policy.
See also:

For any specific information regarding the regulations of hazardous cargo in the port of Antwerp, please contact dgd@mscbelgium.com.

4.3 Military Cargo

Please see MSC Local Requirements Belgium or contact Mr. C. Bauwens (MSC Belgium N.V.) for the procedure.

4.4 Vehicles

Please see MSC Local Requirements Belgium or do contact Mr. C. Bauwens (MSC Belgium N.V.) for the procedure.

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